Air Pollution and Heat Stroke


When a climate thermometer states that the temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside this is not some insignificant fact. The incidence of HEAT STROKE especially among our elderly and young has skyrocketed. We all know that the purpose of a FEVER, when our body temperature goes above 98.6 degrees is to increase blood flow and rapidly move the white blood cells to defend any area of the body against infection. When a person breaths fresh air at the same time when the fever occurs, it is the dilation of the blood vessels, produced by a good intake of oxygen which prevents us from having a STROKE. Think about how you sweat and breath hard when performing vigorous exercise, this is the exact same dynamic that occurs in your body when you have a FEVER due to an infection. Here is where the importance of CLEAN AIR comes in. Check out the reference to this study and then my recommendation for people who live in areas experiencing EXTREME warming trends will understand my guidelines on exercising in the heat but don’t give yourself a STROKE.

Which form of stroke may be positively associated with short-term exposure to outdoor air pollution; hemorrhagic stroke or ischemic stroke?
A recent study evaluated the effects of suspended particulate matter on cardiovascular mortality with special focus on stroke type. After adjusting for exposure to atmospheric dusts, the authors of the cited study concluded that short-term exposure to outdoor air pollution (particulate matter < 8 microns aerodynamic diameter) may increase the risk for both hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke. (Yorifuji T and Kashima S. Associations of particulate matter with stroke mortality. 2013 J Occ Env Med 55(7):768-771)
On very hot and humid days your best bet to avoid a stroke or diminish your chances of having a stroke if you like to exercise outdoors is to:
1)  Exercise very early in the morning
2) or Exercise at night time.
There are times when the heat is so unbearable that you will benefit you body and avoid a hospitalization by simply
3) Working out in a gym.
Air pollution is here to STAY and these guidelines are suggestion to help one not end up in a hospital because you were trying to stay physically fit.
__Submitted by Dr. Collin Ross__
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